Wix uploaded image in the form rendring sideways.

I have a form in Wix with upload image field. When I upload the image to by clicking on iPhone both landscape and portrait it has orientation value 6 and the image is rendering sideways in both admin panel and in the frontend. How to fix that?

If this is only occurring when you are using your site on a iPhone, then it is not really a code issue if it is only happening on iPhone, more of an issue of how Apple upload images.

The upload button is only uploading to the button, or dataset if you have it saved to one, what the user has chosen, it doesn’t decide which way the image should be of either landscape or portrait etc.

See here about adding upload button to Wix.

For working with code when using upload button see here.

If your upload doesn’t involve code, then you are better suited going through Wix Support themselves.