My computer knowledge is limited but, our charity has a Wordpress website. We want to establish it as a WIX site which seems easier to manage. I note I could connect or transfer the old site, or I could simply start again from scratch with a fresh site. Four questions, if I may:
Can WIX handle our old website name if I connect or transfer? It has no ‘www’, just our name, ending with .com?
Can I use this old website address if I start again?
Our Wordpress website has an inextricably linked email address. Will this either move across to WIX, with the same email address, or if I start again, can I establish the same email address in my WIX site? It is ‘info@[our name].com’.
Does WIX offer charity rates?
Many thanks if anyone can advise.

This forum is dedicated to Wix Code. For questions that are not related to code you can contact the Wix support team . You’ll get better help for your problem there.

Thank you Yisrael, I’ll do that.