Would like a way that when swiping on a mobile similar to anchors the visitor would stop at certain points versus just randomly swiping dow

How can we swipe a slide or a gallery down to see the next slide instead of left to right? Or how can we add a snap point when scrolling? Basically if you are on your mobile and swipe I do not want the visitor to scroll all the way down rather if they swipe down a new slider will appear. Similar to left and right swiping but this time down?
Here is an example but check it on a mobile https://www.vg.no/spesial/2019/tindersvindleren/english/ or https://medium.com/@_zouhir/swipe-views-with-css-snap-points-building-a-more-efficient-mobile-web-navigation-f9ac8c53dbc0 but this swipes left to right I want it to swipe up and now.

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