2 sites, one owner, 1 database with collections

Is it possible to share a database between 2 wix sites from the same owner?

Absolutely! Well Sort of. Having 1 Dynamic Database between 2 sites is not possible at the moment, However sharing data between 2 sites is completely possible with the use of HTTP and Fetch; see Wix HTTP Refrence | Wix Fetch Refrence

Site A sends a request to Site B(The one with the dataset) with say, a token, a query, and a secret (Don’t want just anyone being able to call your data) and depending on what is received, Site B would return that data to the to Site A, and vice versa you could have site B Store data received from site A.

I Am doing this on a site of mine to talk to several other sites and exchange data. If you have any questions on this I’d love to help you out.

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Ok. Thanks. Will have a look at all that first and if needed get back to you if I have questions. Thank you very much for your reply.

Absolutely! I also highly recommend all of it be done in backend.