3D dataset or pivot table for repeater in dynamic page

Hi all,

Pretty new to this so apologies in advance if I don’t offer the right terminology or info, but I’ll try my best.

I am attempting to create a dynamic page that will have specific data for each of my clients. Each client will gain access to new content each time I meet with them. The content is modular, so I’ll have it in its own dataset, but clients typically won’t get access to content elements in the same order.

My goal is to have a repeater on the dynamic page that will show a list of session specific data for the respective client. ie:

Client A
Session 1
Content A
Content B
Content K
Session 2
Content R
Content Y

I can easily create a dataset that includes that data for Client A. But for the dynamic page, I’d need one that held that data for Clients A-Z. If anyone can suggest a way to do this or a different approach yielding similar results, I’d be deeply grateful.


OK, a bit embarrassing that I was able to find this so shortly after posting, but if anyone ends up with a similar query, it seems this can be solved with filtering using multiple databases: CMS (Formerly Content Manager): About Filtering and Sorting Collection Items on Your Site | Help Center | Wix.com