A button that acts as a counter and opens up a page

I have a repeater with a button included.
I would like the button to act as both a COUNTER and open the corrisponding TITLE page.

But I can only get it to do one or the other.
I have coding for the counter that works perfectly but then the link to the title dynamic page it stops working on wont open up the link.

Coding for the counter:

// // // // // // // Download counter // // // // // // // //

export function button1_click(event) {

 const data = $w("#repeater1").data; ///<- put here the repeater id insted of 'repeater1'
 let answersitem = data.find(item => item._id === event.context.itemId);

 if (!answersitem.downloadCounter) { // the default value is null , you need to check if null ->  
       answersitem.downloadCounter = 1;
    } else {
        answersitem.downloadCounter++; // increment field by 1

    wixData.update("BookletVolumes", answersitem).then(() => {



*Also is there a way to change the code above to a “button counter” own its own as the one above is part of a repeater (this would be for a seperate page that has no repeater)

Any help is massively appreciated,




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