a code to empty the shopping cart

hello - I have a problem, hope someone will have a solution… -
for my needs - I need a code to empty the shopping cart when the costumer is leaving the page or reloading it (right now – by defaulte - the costumer items remain in the shopping cart when he leave the page and when he comes back he can continue buying. I need the opposite - when he leaves\reload - I need the shopping cart to empty completly)

thank you so much

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I have checked the information for you. You can remove items from the cart if you have a custom store.
You can use the example here . Instead of onClick event, you can execute the code when the page loads.
It’s not currently possible to clear the cart in a single line of code using stores or car API.

You can contact Wix support here to request the feature.

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thank you so much!

Hey! I might have a solution for you. Kindly elaborate on your problem.