About the Wishlist category

The space to share your vision for the future of Wix Studio.

This category is for you to dream big, and share your wildest vision for the future of Wix Studio. It’s the space for you to discuss and suggest features, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate with fellow visionaries.

Feel free to create new topics, start discussions, or join existing topics to support ideas you’re most passionate about. We encourage open and constructive conversations, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, provide feedback, or collaborate with other community members to refine those ideas. (Remember, no idea is too outrageous :wink:. In 2006 Wix was founded with the idea to empower anyone to create their own website, and look where we are now.)

NOTE: This is a space for you to discuss ideas. Topics created here are not official feature requests. If you want your idea to become an official feature request, head on over to the Product Roadmap and request a feature.