About wix storage :

I am curious about the storage capacity of data. Kindly answer these queries experts. I found this :

Exceeding Your Site’s Allowed Bandwidth

Wix sites can handle thousands of visitors at the same time. The amount of bandwidth allowed , or data that can transfer at one time depends on your site’s Premium Plan.

If your site may experience a high amount of traffic, you can upgrade to a Premium Plan that includes more bandwidth at any time. We will let you know if your site comes close to exceeding its data transfer limits.
"Unlimited bandwidth is intended for sites that receive a high amount of traffic and have a high usage of media assets. In most cases, a site does not exceed its data transfer limits . "

1. What is the meaning of this red bold line?
2. Is it possible to connect other storage services ?
3. Is there any unlimited plan wix has ?

  1. It means that most website at Wix do not exceed the bandwidth limit.

  2. Yes, it is possible.

  3. Are you asking about bandwidth or data storage? If you’re asking about the data storage, the official VIP plan is limit to 50GB. If you need (significantly) more than that you should reach out to Wix Customer Care and ask them about it.

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Thanks for the quick reply. The last question’s answer is still creating a confusion, Suppose I have thousands of customers who uploads thousands of pics and files. What will happen after 50GB?

Kindly give me some idea to integrate connecting other storage services, if possible How and Which. Thank You :slightly_smiling_face:

If I were you and I had to significantly exceed the limit, I’d contact Wix in advance and ask if it’s ok to exceed the limit or what alternative solutions they have to offer (before contacting, try to roughly estimate what will be the storage size you’ll need):

As for external services, I can’t recommend.
See here how to work with external collections:


I just reached out to customer support because I need to know how much space I have left. Even they could not tell me how much I am using or how much I have left. This is absurd. Such a basic function to not only be missing, but WIX support staff can’t even help with. The future of my site is now in question on the Wix Platform.

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Have you asked/tried third party cloud storage API integration !

Can you be more specific about “space”? Are you referring to data or media? Do you have a Premium site? Please provide more information so we can answer your question. Thanks!

I am facing the same problem, it’s so frustrating. I am on Business VIP and I need more than 50GB, how can I buy more storage? I need like 1 or 2 TB. Thanks!