Recently, a new law was introduced in Israel - the Accessibility Law.
The law requires every business owner to make his or her business and website accessible to
people with disabilities, such as seeing difficulties, hearing, adults,
I want to ask what Wix/Wix code can offer us to accomplish the task quickly and easily.
Is there a menu, theme icon?
Thanks in advance,

Hi Eshel,
Wix provides tools for our users to build accessible sites, making sure the right tags and headers are used and that the site is structured well so that browsers and screen readers can “understand” it.
The input elements of Wix Code are also accessible and allow proper navigation and handling.

For more information about how to make your site accessible, please see this article .

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Hi Ohad Laufer,

thx for the prompt info.
I just talk to few accessibility builders that saide that wix can not be.
it is good news, i will check.
wix need to know that there are accessibility builders that still think wix can not be accessibility web.

thx again,


Eshel, a team in Wix, is working to provide tools to build accessible websites and meet the requirements of the law in Israel and other countries as well. A first version of the tools opened for Israel users today. Check Accessibility: Checklist for Improving Your Site's Accessibility | Help Center |


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thx shay :slight_smile: