Add a web page in an other

Hi ! sorry for my language, i am french, and my english is not enough good i think !

So i just to know if i can, add a web page in an other with Https module or if i have an other option.

it’s really important for my project, if it’s not possible , i should found an other sponsor for my website.

thanks for yout answer and really sorry for my ENGLISH …

Can you paste in some screenshot that will show what you try to do? Add a webpage in another webpage seems like a really bad idea in many ways for responsive reasons, performance reasons and so on but if you mean to add an external webpage on a wix page you can use that under Add → More → and there is a HTML Component and a Insert a webpage address component that can be used for this.

Try to explain what you want to do and how it should look and I will try to help you better.