Add Comment Section to WIX Dynamic Page🔥

Using this WIX example I was able to add it as a comment section on my dynamic page.

All it took to adjust the code was modifying this line of code

product = await $w('#productPage1').getProduct(); 

to this :point_down:t4:

product = await $w('#dynamicDataset').getCurrentItem();

While replicating exact format by copy/paste, including creating similar database collections, fields, datasets, you are sure to land your first easy-to-use comment section on your dynamic page.

The rest is pretty easy. You can remove the elements you don’t necessarily need❌ and comment them out in the code panel.

Check out the step-by-step video.

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@WixIdeas and @walterodibi71715 there are two minor issues I found when I followed this code. 1) the lightbox submits the review without making it compulsory to select the rating in radio button. And when no radio button is chosen, the review does not show on the reviews repeater. 2) When the lightbox is closed using the X button and not submit review button i.e. no review is actually submitted, just closing the lightbox, the thank you message still appears.

This is how issue 1. looks.

This is how Issue 2 looks like.