Add itens to a collection with Velo

When I click on button2, I sent datas from a #textBox1 to collumn Rating and the email of currentUser to collumn email, on my data collection AvaliacaoUsuarios, but this datas are add in 2 lines.

I would like to add the current user email in the same line of a data sent by a form.

import wixData from 'wix-data';
import wixUsers from 'wix-users';

$w.onReady(() => {
    // Initialise the button2 click handler
    $w('#button1').onClick(button1_onclick); // Don't do this AND set the handler in the property panel. One or the other! This is easier to debug ;-)

export function button1_onclick() {
    let user = wixUsers.currentUser;

    // If we are logged in then save the email address
    if (user.loggedIn) {
        // User is logged in so lets save their email address.
        let userEmail;
            .then((email) => {
                userEmail = email;
                //    We need to process the email information inside of the then() 
                //    function call 
                //    Because the getEmail call will take time and we don't want
                //    to try to use the userEmail value until we know we have a value
                //    to work with
                const toInsert = { 
                "email": userEmail
                // add the item to the collection...
                // We return the result of the insert. This way if the getEmail function 
                // fails OR the insert fails then the catch() will report the error.
                return wixData.insert("AvaliacaoUsuarios", toInsert);
            .catch((err) => {

If you are using a dataset to save other field values then I would recommend using one of the method, either use insert and add all the properties to toInsert object, however, if you want to use dataset then use onBeforeSave() method instead and setFieldValue() to add email as an aditional field.

Obviously the POST-OPENER did not use any dataset, what is very cleary in his shown code.

So i would sugest to continue to work without any DATASETS in this case.
Do not start to mix the both ways, or you will get a lot of problems later.

So, in this case → take INSERT() or SAVE()…

insert - Velo API Reference -
save - Velo API Reference -