Add Subscriber checkbox to Wix Forms

Please can someone explain to me how I can use either a Contact Me Form or my own Wix Forms to create a contact form (which adds the sender to my Contact List), but which also has a checkbox for opting in to receive newsletters, so that the Contact in my Contact List has it’s Subscriber Status set to ‘Subscribed’?

The ‘Get Subscribers’ form sets the subscriber label but can’t be extended to receive other fields, so that doesn’t work.

The Wix Forms doesn’t give the option of a checkbox at all. I could use a custom field with a radio button or dropdown with ‘Yes/No’ options; but this can’t connect to the ‘Subscriber status’ of the Contact List - only my own custom field, so then I’d end up with 2 different fields relating to whether a person has subscribed or not, depending on whether they completed my custom contact form or whether they used the standard ‘Get Subscribers’ form.

With the new GDPR regulations (and previous data privacy regulations) this is something that most websites have to do - get explicit opt-in for their subscribers! The latest GDPR updates on the Wix emails have just given an example to create a form where the data all goes into a custom database - but that’s not what I need… I need it integrated into the contact list form. I don’t want my client (who isn’t technical) to have to go in to the Wix Code and continually export databases, and reimport them into Contacts in order to use them for her ShoutOut messages, etc.

Am I missing something and being incredibly stupid?! Do I need to put some kind of custom HTML in the form to get it to connect up?!

Please help - I’m going round in circles trying to get this to work…


I’d love to know the answer to this too :slight_smile:

Same problem!

Edit: I found this article which has helped but you will need to change your form add-on if you aren’t using this one already.

Good Luck.

Yeah Tim.mak that’s what i was referring to above with the custom fields… I would end up having my own duplicate field for ‘subscribed’ but can’t update the in-built ‘subscriber’ status with them.

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Dear Wix, could your figure this kind of things yourself out instead of users desperately asking for it when it’s (almost) too late?

Hi all!

Regarding “get subscribers” from and “wix forms” - i know that they are working on solving this issue, adding checkbox for UoU about subscribing. But, this components are not in wix code scope, i actually can’t answer on such questions - you’d better ask support.

I know that probably exactly support send you all here, but really what we can suggest you right now (from wixcode prospective) - you can build your own form for get subscribers with wixcode components and logic. Yes, i know, there is no connection to Contacts database right now - so you need to store actually 2 different bases…

But, Contacts database WILL be integrated into wixcode - you just need to wait a little bit

Dear Wix. We know that you are a US based company, but even US based companies working with the EU will need to comply with GDPR which comes into force tomorrow (25th May 2018). At this point it will become law.

Myself and others had assumed that WIX, as well as other online services companies, would update their Apps to allow their clients, particularly those without technical experience (which is a key WIX USP), to easily incorporate opt-in check boxes to seek “explicit” consent for the use of client information.

I use several Apps across my businesses. WIX stands out as the only one I feel I have to raise my concerns. All others I have used have updated their Apps to assist in compliance to this EU wide regulation.

Waiting a little bit is fine, if the little bit is between now and the 25th May 2018!! Otherwise, WIX has not met with my expectation, particularly as what is required is relatively minor. WIX is a serious player in this market, clients cannot easily move away from a WIX designed website, so this places WIX in a position of significant power and control, so with power comes greater responsibility.

WIX also holds information on EU clients, are you conforming to the legislation? This is serious stuff here with possible fines of upto 4% of global turnover for those that do not comply.

Please get someone onto this ASAP. Thank you. Rest assured I am a big WIX fan, but this really has rattled me. I can only echo Katherine’s original post.

Mikhail (Wix) - If this is not in the WixCode scope, then this makes it worse because if we cannot use WixCode to address the issue, then it MUST be addressed by WIX central, so please can this be escalate to someone that has scope to address it rather than pushing such a critical issue back onto the forum participants.


Wix, please see link below from the UK’s Government Information Commissioner’s office which states clearly the obligations of around business to business marketing, just in case you have any misconceptions of what we have to do to comply. I accept we have left this to the last minute now, but we have been waiting for an update from Wix to help us do it. Now time has run out…

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This is what WIX says about GDPR

I do sorry to hear that you expirience problems, but i’m not specialist in this area. I can help you with solving your problems regarding wixcode.
And, this forum isdedicated to WixCode. Questions which you ask - i can’t help you with that, though i know that they are valueable for you and other clients of Wix.

So you should address them to general support, i cant help you with this

Hi - was there a resolution to this problem as it applies to myself and I can’t make it work either. Just making sure i’m not wasting my time trying!

Not yet.

Thanks Katherine. I’ll keep watching as I need it to. Thanks for raising it…i was going in circles myself!

ok, here is the quick workaround i’m using right now: i’ve modified the “send” button to read “Send & agree with privacy policy” see

Any update on this? Adding a checkbox to Wix forms can’t be difficult?

Any news? Would be good to get sorted.

You can add a checkbox to Wix Forms now, but you still can’t connect it up to the in built ‘Subscriber Status’ which the ‘Get Subscribers’ Form uses. We ended up just using our own Wix Forms and our own ‘Opt-In’ field which we use instead of the in-built one.

@kat ah ok. so you haven’t been able to connect the checkbox to the wix-crm? thanks for the reply!

@kat also i cant seem to see an example of the contact form with a checkbox, nor can i add one in as a field. what am i doing wrong? Really appreciate the help Katherine.