Add Video Option to Dynamic Content!

This would be a great way to showcase Photo/Video packages and more if we were able to upload Videos via the content manager to display differently on dynamic pages. If you support this feature, please upvote this so they can add it! #FeatureRequest #WixVideo

Hi @galaxyentx

You can add videos to your content manager to be displayed on dynamic pages. Add a new field to your schema and choose the type video:

Next, use the Single Video Player component to connect it to a dataset and use it anywhere or in your dynamic pages to display your videos.

I hope this helps!

Hi, Roni,

Unfortunately, we tried this method, and it does not work. It will not display the video referenced in the Content Manager.

Hi ‘Galaxy International’,
I’m Naama from Editor X product team.
A small comment - the connected video will be shown in Preview mode and in the Live site but not in Edit mode. Can you please check again and let us know in which mode don’t you see the video.

Thank you,


What I miss is to be able to link a youtube vide to dynamic content. This works fine for the Pro Gallery on a normal page. However on a dynamic page when the gallery is connected to a dataset, this option seems to be missing.

Hi Jeroen,
I will forward your feedback to the relevant Product team to handle.
Thank you so much,