Adding Adsense Ad codes in Blogs - Not Working

I have been trying to add adsense ad code to my wix website blogs

Though I can easily add adsense ad codes through wix adsense app throughout the website, it does not work inside blog posts through html </> ad insert code.

I have tried all types of Responsive, native, In article, In feed, horizontal banner , Rectangle ads but none work.

Same ad code works anywhere else on website except blog.

For eg:

Thhis blog I have added 3 different type of adsense codes but none work.

I have also realised even adsense does not change ad state from ‘New’ to ‘Active’ if i add the code to Blog. I tried creating and placing ad somewhere else in website, it got ‘Active’ and started displaying ad in a few mins. When I used same code in blog still it did not work.

Please suggest …

has anyone ever displayed Ads within Wix Blog?


This forum is only for code related issues, using adSense does not require wix code

I have the same problem.
I have contacted wix support and sent emails back and forth but this problem is still not solved.
I followed all the guidelines they provided. I tried all codes from google adsense.

Now, although the ad code show “active” in my google account, ad is not shown in my wix blog.

  • All other ads are perfectly shown on my website. Only ad within blog has problem.

I really hope Wix can do something!

I have the same issue. I tried wrapping the adsense script code in a

tag but that didn’t work either. It seems to only read html in the box. This really needs to be fixed because they will lose customers to other blog sites that allow this feature.

Any resolution to this? ideally i’d like to have autoads enabled within my blog posts but if I can’t even manually set them up, that is going to be a problem.

I am still having this problem… wix support team just asked me if I did every steps correctly or not… they did not help fixing…

I am also having the same problem. It’s working if it’s outside the blog but not inside the blog post. It is not showing.

I requested a callback from wix support and he informed me to wait within 48 hours but I’m sure it’s not gonna work because the ads outside wix blog is working after 15 minutes of 30 minutes.

I am quite sure that it is wix problem. I received 5 emails from them and in every email different person asked me to repeat similar steps. However, nothing helped. And at the last email they asked me to put an ad near the blog(left and right). It’s not acceptable…

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Hope they can fox this issue right away

I am also facing the same issue since January. My biggest mistake was that “I upgraded to New WIX Blog Post”, before upgrade ads were working perfectly inside blog post. I am not sure how they allowed this new version in production with such silly mistake.

80% of my ads revenue was due to inside blog Ads which has now dropped to ZERO! I am losing money daily due to this. I have been following up with WIX team since January and its not fixed yet. This is what I got last time after that no update (11 January):


Thank you for contacting Wix support. We have escalated the issue you’ve been experiencing to our developers for additional investigation. We will reach out to you once we have additional information or feedback. We appreciate your patience as we investigate this issue.

*Thank you. *

I am planning to switch to word press, can’t afford losing money everyday. If anyone has found solution to this issue please help.

Yes, it’s a wix issue with their new blog format. Their adsense app won’t work from within the blog natively. The work around us to create separate page with an only an add on it then use an html container to embed that add page into the blog. Check out how I did it in my blog. Its the add near the bottom. If you’re on mobile the add is slightly off center if you’re on desktop its just a banner.

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Any solution on this?

no… I already decided to quit WIX.

where did you transfer?

Hey, did anyone got this working?

Hey Omar, I tried this. It’s working but how did you stopped scrolling of window? Like when you hover mouse over Ad window, iframe by-default shows scrolling bars and you can see complete page in that small window. :frowning:

Example, See the 728*90 Ad above “recent posts” like yours.

Please help! Thank in advance.

How did you made it work omar? which are the banner format?

@rajarajput1990 added details on how to do this within the main thread

@rafael_p_4 Added details on how to do this in the main thread