Adding images in an auction site

I am designing an auction site of paintings. In that i need to display all the paintings as in store page and display each individual painting dynamically with all description like in product page of wix store. But i am unable do create that image part like in product page (3-4 images with thumbnail, when we click the thumbnail the image comes to expand mood and when we hover over the image it should zoom). mainly i want to get the images from database. when i tried using image gallery i could not achieve zooming effect and dynamic loading of images

thank you


While it is not possible to connect a gallery to multiple collection items, you can achieve that using code.
Use the dynamic page dataset to get the current item then write code to combine the image urls into an object as explained below.

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Thank you very much. I used #getCurrentItem coding and it works fine.
And also i wanted to zoom each image in the gallery. That menas when i click it directs me to a pop up window and gives an expand view. Is there any ways to zoom that image??

Thank you…