Adding multiple datasets on the same page to a single dropdown list (filtering the content based on user input)

Hi! I am building a collection of courses for a client, and they want to add a filter function based on the recommended age for each course.

(Course Topic)
(age, when, level, where)

Now I can add a dropdown element, with the right options, but as I can understand it I can only connect the dropdown to 1 dataset.

I have 1 dataset for each topic, because the type of courses demands that structure.

Can I and how do I add multiple datasets to the same filtering dropdown?

All the best // Erik

this should be it:

@Rob could you add something?

Sounds this might be what you need @erik4708 .

If you have the access to the newer filtering options, you can take the steps in the video I shared before:

If you don’t have the function in the video above, you can follow the steps in this article:

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