Adding name to subject line of triggered email


I have a contact form that ask my users to provide their name, email, etc. Upon submission, it will trigger and email to me. I know we can configure the subject line of the email, but I would like to add the name of the user into my subject line. For example “Enquiry Submission from XXX” where XXX is the value the user entered in the name field.

Another has an idea how I can do this?


Use the parameter subject

Thanks! As I’m relatively new to Wix, can you please guide me along? Thanks!

@melvinsng1977 Honestly I would use Zapier to do this, Create a template with (if you want) and then use the gmail action to send the email.

  1. You’ll trigger a POST on submission to pass the data to Zapier.
  2. Zapier sends the email

You can use the built in email feature but its pretty limited.