All buttons stopped working

I am making a new website in editorx from a template and everything worked fine until all buttons stopped working including the menu.
I tried to delete and replace buttons and followed editorx’s guide and it didn’t work.

what do I do?

Have you checked:

  1. Is there a transparent box or anything covering your button?
  2. Have you made sure that your buttons are in the front layer?
  3. Are your buttons in the disabled state?
  4. Have you added any code at all that could have interfered with your buttons?

thanks for the help.
I tried all of that, but without any success.
I haven’t added any code but I have toggled dev Mode on and off.
Another thing that I didn’t realize is, that I also can’t move elements around, but I can resize them.
Any ideas?

hello, @kenn7575 we’ve created a ticket on your behalf to our Customer Care team, so they will investigate this situation deeper, you will be updated via email on this

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