Allow site members to create more than one profile

Hi Everyone!I’m a neewbee here…need your help.
I have an artist website with artist login and profile page.
I offer membership plan which comes with more than one profile so that artist can create and update additional profiles.
1.Wanted to create additional profile page according to membership plan (for example if available profiles are 3 so three pages can be created by artist )
2.Activate or deactivate profiles.Inactive profile stay in the database and only active profiles show up.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Thanks @givemeawhisky … could you please share the code.
Actually i need to create profile pages according to membership plan that can be ‘n’ numbers and also members can edit any profile page at any time.

@givemeawhisky this is like create a new site button in I need a similar but to create profile where artists can create their information and update events