Allowing members to create events

Hi there,
I’m using Wix Events and was wondering if there was a way for me to allow my members to create and post events on my site?

Thanks in advance!

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Any other member needs to be able to see your Wix Dashboard to be able to get access to Wix Events or be able to access your Wix Editor to be able to Manage Wix Events.

So, unless you add a member as a site contributor, then they won’t be able to do it themselves:

Thanks @givemeawhisky ! Do you know if its possible to add a member as a site contributor, but to limit their permissions to just editing the events page but not the full site?

Hi, I just want to ask something similar to this question. So, which means it is not possible to let users of my website to add their own items? like eBay etc.

Basically I want to realise a function like eBay or EVENTBRITE, which allow the users to add their own items or events to my website. Is there a way which can realise it? I think it is technically possible, just don’t know which kind of tools I should use in

I’m also very interested in this same topic. Is there any update here? It would be great to be able to allow users to create their own events. Alternatively as @afternoonteaholic says it would be good to know if we can add members as site contributors with limited permissions to create events only

Hi Andrew,
Please contact Wix Customer Care to share your feature requests with the Events team. For a list of the existing Events feature requests, click here .

I want to do the same thing - has anyone worked out how?

Does the Wix Events Backend provide a solution ?