Alt-text won't save

When I enter an alt-text in the image requester box, it won’t save. It shows the green (V) after a return, but when I open the box again it’s empty again. A SEO test shows that there are no alt-text attached to the images.

hi, @leo
are you doing it like this:

@leo thanks for reporting this we are looking into it.

Hi @andrewt
Yes, that’s what I do.

@carmelsc Thanks!

@leo we are taking a closer look on this issue, just as Carmel said.
we will let you know, once there will be any updates on this, we are grateful for your cooperation

Was there any feedback on this issue? I seem to be having the same if not a similar problem. Non of the alt text is registering as complete on my SEO check list, I’ve checked over and over if I’ve missed something but I can not get one page to comply.