Alternating Repeater?

I’ve built a simple repeater, image in the left column, and text in right. Is there a way to alternate content so it flips every item? Or is there a way to break an item from the repeater? Is the other alternative to instead of using a repeater, create an asset and edit each asset separately to flip the content?

Hi, we can’t change the layout on the repeater,
but you can add multi state box inside the repeater item.
(to add multi state box → open dev mode - layout tools - multi state boxes)
for your multi box you can design 2 different layouts and by adding velo you can present the state you want, so that every even element will be in state 1 and every odd element will be in state 2.

along with Tal’s solution, I urge you to vote for the feature which could be solution for you after the release: