Amazing - Store Order Details in Wix Data Collections

I just accomplished to make a smart e-mail system that can parse all incoming orders from Wix Stores and send them through a post to http functions inside Wix- It will parse order details like client name, order amount, order number and more. Now we are talking!

Get all order details from Wix Stores into a Data Collection and you can do whatever you want with details and the limits are the sky.

Happy New Year!

Data Collection:

The original e-mail from Wix Stores that got parsed:

So how did I do this?

I setup an e-mail parser address at and I marked the stuff I need in their smart parser. I then setup a trigger for new e-mails at the address they provide. When that trigger goes off I sent a POST to my Wix Code site and inserted the posted JSON into a Data Collection called Emails.

So now you can get order details from Wix Stores and do stuff with it, create a dashboard for your Store maybe. Send out other information for client or why not include them in some secret page on your site and validate their status on the order amount maybe? All customers that buys something for 100$ or more gets a bonus and can reach some page in the site the others can’t.

If you want all the details explained for you, subscribe to the PRO channel on and you will get the video when it’s released right after New Years Eve to all Pro members.

Happy Coding with Wix Code! I just love it!

See it live:


You can see it working live, I just placed an order myself for 2$ and it went into my Data Collection in real time.

The links no longer work. Too bad as this sounds a lot like what I need to have happen.

I did not offer the code so I can’t help you all the way. The solution depends on Zapiers E-mail Parser that they have. So I use their parser to parse the order confirmation e-mail and then I get all the parameters from the order e-mails and I then use Zapier to POST in the JSON for the whole order to the http functions module and then insert it into the data collection.

It demans Zapier E-mail Parse, Zapier and a bit of coding in the Wix Code side of the solution. But now you know how to accomplish it.

Will you offer this as a for sale tutorial?

contact me

I sent an email, thanks.

can you share the code

There’s a series of processes to provide a workable solution. I’ll post a tutorial shortly.

Do you have any information you can share for this solution?

Was overloded with work. In process, I’ll let you know when ready. Thanks, David

Thanks. Unfortunately, I am pressed for time working on a project which depends on access to Wix Store Orders. Completely bewildered why Wix does not have an API for the orders. I am a programmer. I don’t necessarily need an official tutorial. If you have any code you can share, that would help. Is this a viable solution until Wix gives us an orders API? If you don’t want to post the solution, maybe you can email me?

@elaina Use Zapier Email Parser, send all incoming order emails to that service and you can then use webhook to post it back to Wix Data Collection of your choice

my email is, please contact me offline, thanks.

@elaina Hello Elaina did you find a solution? I am currently in the situation you were in november! I have to be able to access wix store orders. If anyone has a tutorial or can share code on this process it would be so helpful! Thank you!

@maruycleo Sorry. No, I took a completely different approach to the issue. I needed to know what products someone purchased in order to control access to items on a page. Ended up using roles assigned by my client when they fulfill the order. Not automated solution I wanted, but solves the problem until Wix gives access to their store orders. There were additional things we wanted to integrate with the store. It will have to wait. Sigh.