Anchors in URLs

I’ve added anchors to one of my pages. What I’m expecting is the same behavior as on this page:

  1. When changing the slider on the right hand side, the URL in the browser is updated

  2. When navigating directly to the URL above, the page scrolls down to the anchor

I can’t seem to find any documentation on how to do this. Which is mind blowing to me.

When looking at the live html, it seems that anchors are not added as ids on the elements.

What am I missing?

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Hey @pether , I believe this would fall under this feature request.

Mind blowing how this isn’t supported. I’ve upvoted the issue.

I also voted for this issue.
Really strange that such a standard feature s missing…
And especially that it is missing since 2018 and nobody took care about it :wink:

These 2 requests seem to fit to this topic - please vote!