Any one have any solutions to having PDF download with their intended and not some really, really long, unrelated alpha-numeric file name?

I have clients that need their customers to download order catalogs, ticket forms and other specific forms. IF they download one a form like this for example


Patrons need to find it on their computer and will have a much more difficult time if the file name has been renamed to this:


Which doesn’t even make any sense and look malicious to many.


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Hi Teejay,

When I tried to replicate your issue, I noticed that when it is a PDF file, it opens in a new browser window, and upon clicking download, the file gets a weird name as you mention. So here’s the workaround:

Now I’ll keep it short and sweet - Just use Google Drive . I tried it, and it works exactly as it is supposed to.

Create a folder in Google Drive that has all your PDF files. Then open the file, click on the three dots on the top right, click Sharing and set it to Anyone with this link can view . Now all you need to do is copy the link and paste it to your button. This will open the File in a Google Drive window and when the user clicks on Download, the file will download with the intended File Name and not some weird combination of letters and numbers.

Additionally, if you do not want the PDF to open in a regular browser window instead of the Google Drive window, you can join the id of your file with this link: fileid
(You can find the id of your file in the sharable Google Drive file link, between /file/d/ and /view?usp= )

Another thing you can do is Download through the Wix File Share app. The name of your file persists if you use this app to download your PDF files.

The Wix Google Drive app can also be used if you are using the Google Drive method.

Hope this helps!

Great, idea. I will check out the Wix File Share app.

Have you used the Wix File Share app? The link it provides to share a document seems to direct user to the whole directory files. Can it not share just that one document?

Yeah that is the downside of it. You’ll have to name the files accurately so the user knows which file needs to be downloaded.

@pratham no downside yet. Great recommendation. Customer is thoroughly enjoy it.

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@teejay Glad to hear that!