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I work on my website www.mesouvenirs.com which I would like to connect with an intermediary platform of online payment called www.paydunya.com. This platform will allow our customers to buy our school products through 4 to 5 money transfer companies (mobile money) that are in the platform or by credit cards like VISA, MASTER CARD.
Paydunya (the platform) gave us keys to put in the site.
Main key : nNUMXyco-owDM-5wi0-sutM-LASPY1aRWiaH
Test API key
Public Key : test_public_xHsuV3lgKGfbDASvhJbW4ptZ2mG
Private Key : test_private_X6SBpLNd2u1AdMDFFK08K16sW4s
Token : NBEhDnVYeVraQYW8PSJc
There are also other keys of production that after the tests to pass live.
My problem is that I totally ignore this API domain and I do not know how to do it. I remain available if you need more information to help me solve this problem.
Yours truly

Had a quick look at that site. It offers two ways of communication:

  1. by HTTP/JSON using endpoints
  2. by an NPM

Regarding the latter, it is not available yet as an NPM that Wix has added to their list of supported NPM´s, but you could ask.
Which still leaves you with the next problem: how to implement it. It´s going to take quite a bit of coding and know how. All documentation is in French and I doubt if anyone here is using it. If you do not know how to code, nobody is going to help you, I´m afraid. Your question is too broad “(how do I do this”) and way too specific (it´s very local). Suggest you look for a good Wix Developer to do this for you.
Oh, and BTW: if that Main Key (and the test keys which should be replaced by the prefix “Live” when going live) are the production keys, consider them compromised now.

In short: “Aux API´s, citoyens”

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Hello, I sincerely thank you for your answer. I see that it is not easy to solve this problem and as you said I will seek a expert to solve this case.
thanks again