Archive/Media format missing for Upload Button?


I’ve made promises and built a whole section of a website based on the assumption I could upload (ZIP, RAR, TAR, TAR.GZ, GZ, GZIP, JAR, 7Z, FGZ and WEBARCHIVE), as per below:

That said, the Upload button only has as file type the following options: Video, Images, Audio and Document.

Can someone please clarify or enlighten me how exactly I can get the ball rolling to setting up Archive type uploads?

Any help is much appreciated

Hi @exequielbertaina

Archive types are not yet supported. Apologies for the confusion. We will be updating the API reference soon to list only the types that the Upload button supports.

The team is aware of this feature request, and we’ll update the Forum as soon as more types are available.


Well, I’ll just have to tell whom I made promises to that my hosting provider was falsely advertising information. I’d strongly urge whom it may concern to review the Wix website for other potential false or misleading claims.

I’m very sorry for the misunderstanding. This was a mistake that we will resolve as soon as possible.

I have asked our developers if there’s any workaround for this, and I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back.

Thank you for escalating this and I look forward to hearing from you.

There’s a way to upload Zip files not even through a third-party/plugin and I can even freely do what I want with it. This leads me to believe, it’s clear this is not a technical issue, but rather senior deciders hesitant to simply enable it. All I can say is when there’s a will there’s a way. We can combine certain things to get this to work and I will play around with it to see how far I can scale it up.

Hi @exequielbertaina , can you try ? This feature allows you to skip the upload button and get things much more customisable.

@certified-code thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was eluding to, but I can’t seem to get a Local File placed in a state that I can then upload directly from the website to MediaManager (ie not through WixEditorUploading). Would you kindly know any reference material for that??

How much would you charge to provide a simple guide with working code?

Hi Exequiel,
According to our developers there isn’t a workaround. But we’ve had many requests for this feature, and the team has added the development task to their backlog. You can vote, comment, and subscribe to this feature request so that you’ll get notifications when development starts and when it releases. Thanks!

@marlowe-shaeffer thanks for your help, but it has been over a year regarding Archive extensions to no avail. I don’t have much faith in them. In the mean, please remove the misleading content on Wix else i will report it to the consumer protection bureau since as I’m genuinely in a bad spot having to go back to the people I made promises to and I hope other people won’t have similar situations.

@exequielbertaina We just updated the API reference to list only the accepted file types:$w/uploadbutton/filetype

Perhaps there is a way.
I will check during the next few days if my idea maybe can work for you.

Great, look forward to knowing the outcome :slight_smile:

Has any further work been done to provide the ability for users to upload ZIP files? I was lead to believe that by upgrading to the Ascend build tools that a fully capable upload button would be offered. I will not be able to continue using the Wix platform for our company’s website if this feature is not available.