Arranging radio buttons horizontally

I want to arrange a radio buttons group horizontally.

This option was available in the old wix editor, but i can’t find it in editor x.
Am i missing something?

I just worked with that function tonight. Here you go.

I also had this function in the old editor
but it seems to be missing from editor x. That’s what i get in the same menu:

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I see that you have radio buttons there. Let me check and see if that is an option with radio buttons. Mine shown are multi-select boxes.

Yes, it seems that it is not available with radio buttons. We should request this feature in Editor X.

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Is this solved? Want it aswell!

Not yet. Will forward to the team.

Any progress? Thanks in advance.

@business53117 Any insight @yuvalfl ?

Hello, does anyone know if this is solved? Thanks in advance!

@yuvalfl hello, why isn’t this feature ever coming out OTL. is it a difficult improvement to apply?

feature is not there for Radio buttons, only for MultiCheckbox for Wix Forms