Assistance with Wix Studio Breakpoints - PAID JOB OPPORTUNITY

Hello! I have a very particular client. She wants everything very precise. I’ve built a Wix Studio site exactly as she wants it on a 1280px desktop breakpoint.

Now, she has asked me to add a larger breakpoint (for 27" screens), and I’ll need a few smaller ones as well.

What I’m looking for is someone who can take the standard desktop breakpoint website – and create a few additional breakpoint sizes, along with the tablet + mobile breakpoints.

Ideally I would have one for the following (or very similar):

Large screens 1920 +
1536 - 1919
1366 -1535
768 -1279 (tablet)
320-767 (mobile)

If you’re able to take a Studio site and optimize for additional breakpoints – ensuring precision to how the elements are laid out and making sure they scale properly, please be in touch!

This is somewhat time sensitive (needs to be completed by Friday, Feb 2nd at 12pm EST.


If all goes well - potential for other collabs!! Please reach out for a link to view the site so you can provide a pricing estimate.

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I’m glad to hear about your project and I’m definitely interested in helping you with this. I have experience in optimizing websites for different breakpoints and ensuring precision in layout and scaling. I would be happy to take a look at the site and provide a pricing estimate. Please send me the link so that I can review the requirements in more detail. Looking forward to potentially collaborating with you on this project!

Hello! Can you share your email address? I can’t post the link publicly. Thank you!

hey , you can reached me out at

Can you help me with this same task?

Did you end up finding someone? i need the same help.

Hi Nolan, I received a couple of replies.

One person from Croatia has some videos

If you can’t get help I’ve sorted some things out on my own that I can share, but I know there are people more suited than myself! LMK