Authentication for mobile app


I’m building a native mobile app that needs to access Wix data that is only available to authenticated users (Paid Plans of the corresponding user). Therefore, I need to authenticate the user in the app.

Since the app is written natively, I can’t use the JS client libraries like wix-users or wix-paid-plans. So I ended up setting up an HTTP endpoint using wix-http-functions and wix-users-backend to the login. I was able to retrieve the sessionToken using the wixUsersBackend.login call. Now this call turns out to be useless as long as I don’t make the call to wixUsers.applySessionToken, which is part of the wix-users library that I can’t use.

Is there any other way to finish the login process? I tried to manually send the cookies holding the session data without success.

Basically, the mobile app can only communicate to Velo using HTTP, since there are only JavaScript libraries available for clients.


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