Automate Import from api

hello i have an external products database, there is a way to automate the import of a csv file located in a specific link every night? And is possible to do the same with related products pics?

thanks for help

Hi Marco,

Every interaction with a 3rd party service can be done using wix-fetch which you can learn more about here:

However, automated operations without user or site owner interactions are currently not supported.
You can however, try working in conjunction with another 3rd party services that offer this feature.

one example I recommend trying is Zapier

Have a nice day and best of luck!

Unfortunately zapier only offer the Wix Answers integration that doesn’t allow to add products.
Thanks to the http-functions i can submit and read an xml file containing a list of products i want to add to my store but the Store/Products collection is not writable. You know if there are other ways i can try to add products to the store from an xml? Thanks in advice.

Hi; Have you found a solution in this regard?