Automatic logout/logoff, when a session is inactive for a certain amount of time

Hello There,

At present, I don’t think a functionality exists to log off an user when they are inactive for a certain period of time. Please consider this as a feature request, I would like to log off users automatically, who are inactive for say 15 mins. This is something that is achievable in frameworks like .NET

Satheesh Kumar


You can implement it by listening to mouse and keyboard events to identify movements and javascript setTimeout to set the time limit.

It does seem a pretty elementary feature though, shouldn’t need to manually add to (and clutter) the website code for this IMO.
Also, it would be nice if Wix would provide the code for this. I assume many of your customers would like to implement this…

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@experimentnoxx You can vote it up.

@experimentnoxx We invest a lot in building a platform that lets users build custom use-cases by themselves. Having said that, I agree with your feedback that more users will be interested in such a code sample and we’ll add it to our sample list.

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