Automatically "Join Community" with Corvid Sign Up Form

Hi community,

I’ve built a custom registration form in Corvid. I’m using a Corvid form for member sign up. When my members sign up, they aren’t automatically added to my community (forum app). I want to automatically add them to my community so that I can then get them to show up in Wix Chat. I can accomplish this with the default sign up form, but when I use my custom sign up form, my members aren’t added to the forum community. My “Join Community” is checked by default in the member signup form, but I’m assuming I can add a piece of code to automatically join them to my community so that this works with my Corvid Sign Up form. Any advice on how to accomplish this?

When I use the “Default Form” and ‘join the community’ is checked, then my members automatically get added to the community.

But when I use my Corvid Form, I can’t get my site members to automatically ‘join the community’

As a result, my site members aren’t automatically logged into Wix Forum and Wix Chat.

How can I get my site members to be automatically added to ‘join the community’ when they register with my Corvid Form? Thanks to anyone who can help.

This has been asked many times before if you searched the forum.,

You can’t do it through code as of yet, if the join the community option is not working for you then you will need the site members to do it themselves manually through their own account page or before they post on the Wix Blog or Wix Forum.

You can create a request for it here.

Plus, you can always ask in the Wix Blog and Wix Forum own communities to see if anybody has a workaround there.

Thanks GOS. I searched the forum and read all those discussions. I just don’t believe it can’t be done. Seems very weird that when someone registers for your site that they wouldn’t want to become a member of your community. At least there should be an option. Thanks for all the links and for answering my post. Hopefully this gets addressed because it seems like an oversight.

You can add a NEW FIELD, just what I did.
I am also using a custom SignUp page.

Note that what you are showing is on the custom window for Wix Signup which is through Wix Forms.

We are talking about custom as in Corvid form.

See here

There are 3 types of member signup forms to choose from:

@givemeawhisky oh i see… my bad xD