Automating Lightbox User Registration Data to a Database

Hey! I’m having some troubles with getting my Wax Studio site to respond to new-user registrations as I’d like. I’m using a custom light-box registration form, and currently a new user’s data is only registered in the ‘contacts’ section, what I’d like to happen is:

1. Upon registration, each submitted field is added to a database linked to the member’s Wix-ID.

2. The user is re-directed to a profile page where the data they submit is automatically reflected, and they can choose to add more.

There are some threads on here with similar problems (Dynamic Member Database?) but they’re from 2019, and I have no JS experience so didn’t want to add in a code devised before Wix Studio was in use and risk making a mess I didn’t understand.

If anyone could point me in the direction of a guide for dummies, or even spare the time to explain the steps involved in a solution, I’d be so grateful.

Thanks a lot in advance,