Backend custom files

So Wix code has the option to create a blank file under ‘Backend’ which I want to use for logs (since not all logging can be seen i.e. Payment Events).

I’m looking to setup Winston (installed from NPM) which requires to specify a filepath to the log file. I’ve tried a number of file paths but regardless, the log file I’ve created under ‘backend’ will never update with any text.

Does anyone have any experience referencing these files from code or setting up Winston or similar?

The filesystem is read only so you won’t be able to write to any file. Sorry, maybe suggest that in a feature request post.

Ah ok thanks for the quick response. Guess logging could be done externally.

@titusfogg Yes or in a Data Collection which I always do

@andreas-kviby That’s a good shout, not too efficient I’d imagine but sounds like good practice. Is that generally how you do your debugging?