Backend Response Time Limits

Hi I'm working on a website where user can upload more then 30 images at a single time. I make custom button through HTML and JS  on the page. first all images upload in wix-media then url's will stored in our collection. I was upload image one By One in a for loop. 
everything working  fine for small size images(350kb),  we can  upload more then 30 images at a single time .
But when I try to upload images more then 1 MB , 
function give an error, You can see in bellow img
i think wix have limitations, If backend function not respond in 59Sec It give error 
Question is How can we increase The time limit of backend response

export function uploadImage(buffer, mimeType, name) {
return mediaManager.upload(
name, {
“mediaOptions”: {
“mimeType”: mimeType,
“mediaType”: “image”
“metadataOptions”: {
“isPrivate”: false,
“isVisitorUpload”: false,
“context”: {
“someKey1”: “someValue1”,
“someKey2”: “someValue2”

// This is upload function in backend and i send 1 by 1 image, buffer and type everything is perfect.