Background Patterns

Is it possible to have repeatable background patterns for a section, container, etc.? I would like to be able to use an image for a background (ie. a PNG or SVG seamless pattern block) and set it to be repeatable. Currently there is no way of doing this besides designing a very large static pattern graphic, adding it as an image to a section, and moving it all the way to the back. This is very ridiculous. It’s a common-sense thing to have background pattern (or image) options by default in Editor X.


Hi @marlonhines ,

Maria here from the Editor X team, thanks for your message.

I’ve checked with our team and unfortunately this isn’t possible, but you can upvote this as a feature request here:



Ok thanks @mariamc

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I have the same question.
Even in dev mode, it is not possible to overwrite the body css things like :
body {
background-image : url(“paper.gif”);
background-repeat : repeat-y;