Backround coding error

Hi guys, I want to add an animated background to my site but it looks like the coding doesn’t work. I don’t know how to code, so I would deeply appreciate any help! Thanks!

I’m trying to add the code of the image attached to Velo, but it keeps throwing me an error.

The Velo element Id can only be used with Velo.
In your case you should look for the html ID (browser > F12 > elements tab)
and use it.
P.S. Wix doesn’t set an html id to your images but there’s an id to the image wrapper that wix adds under the hood. The tag is . I don’t know if it’ll work for you. You should try though.

Hi JD thanks for your answer. I’m having trouble finding the HTML ID. I’ve tried adding an embedded element but nothing. I would appreciate more help thank you!

Hi @sebadelbasto as I said, I doubt if your code can work. Basically it’s not supported, but maybe with some “workaround” you can achieve that. Anyway it’s a matter of research and digging into the source code (or implementing something via custom element) and it’s out of the scope of this forum as it’s non-Velo matter and involves some 3rd party code.