beforeGet() or beforeQuery() hook

i’m looking for a way to change data when i get them from my database.
when a certain page loads it gets data from my database.
now when i add the beforeGet() hook it should run this code before it parses the data to my page.
but that code doesn’t run.
now when i use the beforeQuery() this code does run.

how can i let the beforeGet() hook to work since i need to adjust a specific item i get from the database?

Small example:
i get data fro my database from a column Title and Value.
i want to use the item from Value to go compare in another database.
if equals to, it has to return something different.

Kind regards

Hey Kristof,
Correct me if I misunderstood your question but the beforeGet() runs only on a get request:

If you run a query (with or without filters), only the beforeQuery() will work

Hello, This was solved? Im having the same issue. I want to add a filter to the “query” when blog posts are being “loaded” in the wix blog.

I tried with beforeQuery/beforeGet in the Posts Collection and it seems that not even execute the code.