Being able to book pre-recorded online courses on the WIX booking app

Hi, I am very new to CORVID but willing to go there to get the set up I want. I run live online courses with small groups of people which I then set up as pre-recorded courses that you can buy. I know I can set up the live courses on Wix booking, but I also want to be able to have the pre-recorded online courses as another category on the booking app.
Its important to me because both the live and pre-recorded courses come with 1-on-one sessions that people can book, and as I can only sell the prerecorded ones on ‘paid plans’ it makes the versions of what I offer a bit messy.

Has anyone got any ideas? The only problem with the booking app is that you have to set dates and times with it, and obviously when someone books an online course, they just need access to the member pages.