Beta UNLOCKED: Copy ENTIRE pages between sites! OH MY!

You heard me - I said it right. Copying ENTIRE pages between SITES. Yall asked - and Wix built it. BOOYAH!

@pavlov Is responsible - Show him some love!




Holy :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:!!!


Thank you FINALLY!!!

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Love this @pavlov !

Will there be any type of permission restrictions for this? For example:

Allowed > Copy from Owner Site to Contributor Site
Allowed > Copy from Owner Site to Owner Site
Not Allowed > Copy from Contributor Site to Contributor Site
Not Allowed > Copy from Contributor Site to Owner Site



That’s a dang good question.



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Amazing feature.


Whaaaat? Love this, can’t wait to try it! :star_struck::partying_face::heart_eyes:

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Great one

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When will we be able to copy over Dashboard Pages?

Just had a go. I am contributor on both sites and copied and paste with a theme. It worked amazingly well. I notice the text font is the same as only site but really not complaining. this is an awesome time saving feature :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile:

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It works like a charm! I needed two pages that I had deleted. I restored an earlier version of the site, then duplicated the site and then went back to the latest version. I copied the pages that I had deleted earlier from the duplicated site into the latest version. This saved me a lot of time and work!

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Interesting. I just opened up two site editors that I am the contributor for but when I go to the either site’s menu there is no “copy” option. But apparently for @pocketrocket (above ) they were able to access the beta as a site contributor.

However, when I go to the few sites that are wholly hosted under my account, the copy option is there and it works brilliantly! Unfortunately, the few sites I exclusively own in my account are personal sites, I don’t have any use for this beta. But I literally have a current client who wants me to merge two different sites he has into one. Such a tease! Would love to use this beta for clients. I guess they need to be part of the beta program for this to work, however?

This is an amazing feature. Certainly will make few processes less time consuming - Thanks!

thank you! finally!!

Having successfully done this a few times last week. Today I have no copy on my site menu? Is this feature down? Anyone else got this issue today?

AMAZING…but…and there is always a but…does it work for Lightboxes. I run promotions for apartments and would be incredible to share the promotion…either way, Kick ass team!