BETA UNLOCKED: Multilingual in Wix Stores!

Oh dear! You asked, and @jacobk delivered it!

Note: Please remember this is an EARLY beta. Do not transfer these betas to your clients. You will not be able to edit it in side another account. Also, this is for testing: We do not recommend doing this on a live site yet.

Add your feedback to this thread. Wix is listening. =)


This is downright good news. I definitely needed this living in Japan. Let me start dabbling in this.


We need PICS!

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This couldn’t come on a better moment! THANK YOU!


When can we test it out ?

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Ok just followed the instructions I added it to a test page, but nothing changed when i selected spanish as my example… am I missing something ?

GREAT NEWS! thx wix team!


Oh Yeah!!!

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@alen You should see it in your Stores - Do you see it?

We will have a walk-through video very soon. @computermdofgilbert is making us one!

@brett-haralson is it just for the store or the entire site ?

@alen Great Question. Actually this is JUST for stores. Multilingual is also available for the SITE too (still in beta, not fully released). =)

@brett-haralson ok that explains why it didnt work, i was trying it on a website, not a store. thanks for that info.

@alen To clarify - you can use Multilingual for any paged build in the Editor and for Stores. You can’t use Multilingual for other apps such as Blog, Bookings, Restaurants, etc. Take a look at the articles here and here to learn more, they walk you through every step of the process.

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:raised_hands: :raised_hands: , let us know what you think!

@jacobk I used it just on the home page, basic info menu bar, some txt nothing major - but it did not work.

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@alen I’d be happy to help, can you send me a link to the site?

@jacobk sure here you go -

Does it mean we would be able to use different currencies in the same shop?

Unfortunately, multi-currency is not part of the feature yet.