Beta Unlocked: New Partner Home!

You just heard about it on the Partner Program round table - and it’s OPEN! (Not the Partner Program, just the “Partner Home” tab in your dashboard)

The Partner Dashboard Home will connect you to your site feedback, Wix updates, the Marketplace, and much more. Oh yeah! Check it out, and let us know what you think!


Unfortunately i cant see it. Is it a phased realese?

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Nope nothing yet i am UK based

It’s being added now; it should be up in an hour.


Seems like everyone is excited to see the new update…:smiley::crossed_fingers:

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When you access the lead management panel, this message appears.

Parece um problema técnico temporário.
Tente novamente em breve.
Tente novamente.
Erro ao Carregar a Página

This box just closed when I pressed ESC

No close buton.

Are you still experiencing this problem?

@stevenjose me also heave this problem. It closes only if I press esc. No close button

I just see the new feedback block

I have nothing under my home tab. Should I do something else ?

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I’m not seeing anything yet :frowning:

Right now it’s english only; Also - This is NOT the partner program. That has not launched yet. :slight_smile:


Team Wix Webmaster really appreciate all your help & support.

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Thanks @lillie-green - I have see “PARTNER HOME” but not all the toys and features just yet?

Do you know if their are any plans to develop the MARKETPLACE system to provide partners with more of a CRM system? Or, link out to partner CRM systems? We use Hubspot CRM to track leads and oportunities, etc and pop Marketplace leads in there manually right now.



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Yes; it is planned to have marketplace flow into the dashboard. The partner home is all that was unlocked; the partner program was only announced and not opened. Also: please don’t tag wix employees except for your friendly and local community managers! :stuck_out_tongue:

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@brett Thanks Brett, will do… Take Care… G

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YAY! I’m so excited :smiley: How do if I qualify for Beta?

I have the same error page

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