BETA Unlocked: Page Video Background on Mobile

It’s Tuesday and we have a new beta for you all.

Page Video Background on Mobile!

By default, videos set as a page background on desktop would translate as an image of the video’s first frame on mobile. But with this feature, you can now set your page background to video on mobile devices as well. Pretty neat right?!

To set it to play on mobile, you need to go to the mobile editor and change it to video through the background panel.

To access this beta, click here .

Test it out, and tell us what you think in the comments section below. @idan-cohen and the team look forward to your feedback!

#BetaUnlocked #Mobile


Awesome and perfect! I have been waiting for this. Check out how it looks on some of my mobile sites: ,

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Thanks, now I can use videos instead of gifs on this landing page:

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you need to center your elements like so your elements will look good on all screens:

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Can’t figure out how to erase the white gap

@geigerdesigns Try setting page background to transparent.

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Muchas gracias la probé para la web cuando la estaba construyendo y la verdad que me fue muy bien el cliente quedo encantado.

I love this idea, i am working on a site right now that i have to do this on, Thanks for the great tip!

Hi, is this somehow doable on Editor X ?