Beta UNLOCKED: Store Analytics!

Now you can get detailed information about your store such as number of visits, where the visits came from, and more! Don’t take my word for it, check it out here:

Olga is leading this beta, so feel free to ask her any questions or provide feedback. :slight_smile:


Thanks Brett!

We are very excited to announce the release of the Analytics dashboard !

You’re welcome to ask any question and share your experience with the product!

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This is absolutely ground breaking! Great job all! WOW.

My feedback: Allow for custom reporting like Shopify, that would be the next groundbreaking add on. :slight_smile:

Love this.


@olgak - got a question, when will this come to mobile? or will it? :slight_smile:

[@Robert Hamilton] I dont have the exact date but be sure its on our plannings :wink:

CC [@Ben Novak]

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This fature is very good.
please i need help for set up a different price for region i make a post please give me a tweak.

Hey Robert,
thank you for the feedback! We are working on adding more fancionality to the dashboard, this is the first version of the product and there is more to come.
I’d be happy to get your insights on what kind of parameters you would find most useful in such reports - you’re welcome to reach me at


Is there any reason why I can’t see this new option on my menu?

Super excited to see this come to Wix, however, I wish I could do custom reporting. ie. time frame, specific dates, monthly and yearly. Would also be nice to see $ broken down into items, shipping, taxes etc.

This will be more effective, if this wix product will show the visitor location (geographical data) so that we/ wix website users/ wix store owners could work more dedicated toward that pointed location from where mostly visitors are coming because now it is predefined that if he/ she will work with this location/ city/ state/ country’s visitor then he/ she could get better business.

& this is possible easily because wix ascend (customer management >> live chat >> header section visitor information) can read the location of the visitor.

Thanks for the feedback! We are working on adding more timeframe options and filtering options to this product. stay tuned!

Thanks for the feedback! We are working on adding more functionality to this product, including geographical data. stay tuned!

Hi, this product is currently open to all expert users + 50% of all english users. are you looking at you business manager with an expert user logged in?

Woohoo! This is very exciting, thank you!

Hi - I see all of these amazing new tools in beta, like this one, on my dashboard, yet I cannot access any new beta to test? Any reason why? Thank you.

Hey Garrett,

You can access the analytics dashboard by going to ‘Marketing Tools’ tab in the Business Manager, and then clicking the ‘Store Analytics’ tab.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sorry about that. I was searching on a non store site of mine. See it now. t.y. Question / to block my own / employees IP’s of wix taking count, is that possible? Or have to do through google analytics? t.y

Sorry, it is currently not posible to block your own /specific IPs in the store analytics dashboard.

Amazing Amazing… any chance we can get Wix Bookings Analytics ? Please Pretty please

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Bookings round table is Wednesday - ask that question!!

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