Block scroll for x seconds

Hello !

Is there a way to block the scroll of the page for x seconds ? I have made a animation intro for my website but you can still scroll and go to th rest of the website.

Maybe it’s simpler to to a page with only the animations & then redirect to the real main page ?


Hello, I think your secdon idea will likely be better becuase if you block an expected browser action like scrolling, your visitors may think something is broken and refresh or abandon.

Thanks for you response !

I have made a temporary fix, i don’t display sections until the end of the animation. But I think its still not good…
What I can do to show you what I have in mind is show you a website with this kind of work and mine right now :
The working one :
My website :


The first website allows me to scroll though, i do not have to stay for the animation if i do not want to

And agreed, hiding the website content is not ideal becuase I can still scroll down but the page is blank so it appears something is wrong

Personally i can’t scroll while the logo is on the screen, that’s exactly what i want.
I recorded to show it better :grin:

Hey, sorry to reply again but i would really like to have your opinion ^^ I have tried to fix that but the solution is not that great :confused: