BUG: Data Table

I am having issues with my data table. For some reason it’s showing up blank for the first bunch of items. Can someone fix this?

https://i.imgur.com/E9lLr9p.mp4 - screengrab of the issue

https://goddessclaes.wixsite.com/creativeclaes/bot-commands - Table page.

Thanks in advance. xx

I’ve completely redone my table on a new page to avoid the glitch, seems to have to do with the one table style (is lime green in the add menu). The above page link is still active for devs who want to check out the bug.

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Just checked it on your site - https://screencast.com/t/3pRp2jRs and it’s looking good.
We are not talking about the delay before you see the data on first load, right? As I understand, your issue that data completely not loaded.

Is it still reproducible on your end?


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Thanks for checking it out Alexander. That’s so odd, it’s still doing it on my end, but only on Chrome. It is working on Firefox. I wonder why it would act like this? :thinking: