Build A Cart for Customers

Is this currently an existing feature request? No.

Wishlist item
Wix Stores - Build a cart for a customer, send them a link and when they fill out their information it calculates the shipping costs.

What current pain point are you facing?
Wix invoicing does not allow for shipping to be added to the invoice instead you need to add it as it is a product but it does not allow me to request a shipping address for the customer and it does not allow me to add a tracking number to the invoice. And if I do the order & invoice it wants me to already have the person’s shipping information. For an order invoice one should only need an email and the customer should be able to input their address and the invoice should take care of the automatic shipping costs since I have the calculated shipping option.

Do you have a current workaround that you’re using?
PayPal Business invoicing. Which is an added step.

Describe the feature you need and how it would work. (Bonus points for mockups :wink:)
On Shopify (as a customer to a business using Shopify) I provide the business with what items I want from the Facebook group and my email. The business then adds those items to a cart and sends me the link to the cart. Then I enter in my shipping address and it calculates the shipping. Then I add my payment information and checkout. That build a cart comes up as an order for the business to see. And tracking can be added due to it coming up as an order and not an invoice then order.
Wix can offer something like this. So I do not have to do more work and go the PayPal Business route.

How will this impact you?
I will be able to stay on top of things and not add more steps, since with a Wix build a cart for customers, the customer just has to checkout using the build a cart. And then tracking can be added. Currently I am having to build the invoice in PayPal Business, add tracking to PayPal Business. But Wix and PayPal do not talk when I am doing it that way so the order numbers are off as well. It also looks better for clients if the invoice comes from the same website they order from instead of ordering from the website but being invoiced through PayPal.